• Will I be able to be involved in other organizations at NC State?
    Of course! In fact, all Greek Organizations at NC State encourage their members to become involved with at least one other organization. Panhellenic promotes well rounded members. We want to you to take advantage of all the opportunities available to you on campus. We want to you to have a great experience at NC State!

    Will joining a sorority hurt my grades?
    The Panhellenic Association and the All Sorority GPA is continuously above a 3.0. It is also continuously higher than the All Women's and All Campus grade point averages. Joining a sorority should enhance your academic experience, not deter it. 
    What are the financial obligations?
    Financial obligations vary between chapters. Please look at the financial obligation page for more information. 

    What is the time commitment like?
    Most chapters will require a certain amount of hours a week for specific events, such as chapter and new member classes. Of course, this varies from chapter to chapter. Most members will tell you that the time they spend in their sorority keeps them busy enough to help them manage their time wisely. It is your responsibility to manage your time when you’re in college and especially within your sorority. 

    Do I have to live in the house?
    Yes, you will be required to live in the chapter house for at least one year, possibly two years, depending on the chapter. Prior to joining, you will be able to learn about specific living commitments required by each chapter.

    Will I be Hazed?
    NC State as well as the Panhellenic Assoctioan has a zero tolerence hazing policy. To read about policies concerning hazing and other student conduct issues, click here.

    If you feel that you or someone you know is participating in inappropriate activities as a result of membership in a fraternity or sorority, you should contact Fraternity and Sorority Life at (919)513-2910. Calls will be handled in a discreet manner.