• Congratulations to all of our 2011 Outstanding Women's Awards Winners and Nominees!!!


    Thank you to everyone who came out on March 24th to this year's Outstanding Women's Awards ceremony! We had a terrific turn out and and a large number of nominated women this year! Please congratulate the following award-winning and nominated women for the 2011 Outstanding Women's Awards if you see them around campus!


    OWA Award Winners

    *Outstanding Woman of 2011: Elizabeth Moody 

    *1st Runner Up Outstanding Woman of 2011:   Jennifer Moore 

    *2nd Runner Up Outstanding Woman of 2011: Alyse Flick

    *First Year Student Outstanding Woman: Alyssa D'Addezio

    *Outstanding Woman for Leadership: Tracy DiTucci

    *Outstanding Woman for Community Involvement: Jessica Kruse

    *Outstanding Woman for Campus Involvement: Brittnee Rambo

    *Outstanding Woman for Academics: Cynthia Bunders

    *Outstanding Woman for Achievements: Jessica Neville

    *Outstanding Woman for Overall Character: Lauren Morris






    Alexandra Leonard

    *Alyssa D'Addezio

    Alyse Flick

    Brittnee Rambo

    Caroline Perkins

    Christine Truesdale

    Colleen Peel

    Cynthia Bunders

    Danielle Murray

    Daphne Aguinaldo

    Elise Rock

    Elizabeth Moody

    Emily Cannady

    Hannah Hollis

    Iris Maslow

    Jackie Smith

    Jana Angel

    Jennifer Moore

    Jessica Kruse

    Jessica Neville

    Jordan Kay

    Kelly Fitzwater

    Kris Gower

    Kristen Peckham

    Laura Seitz

    Lauren Irwin

    Lauren Morris

    Lauren Ozmore

    *Lauren Steele

    Leah Finch

    Leslie Alvarez

    Liz Moore

    Liz Sypher

    Madison McMahan

    *Maggie Martin

    Maria Dimopoulos

    Marion Price

    Mary Harris

    *Meredith Pace

    Morgan Miller

    *Nicole Arnold

    Rachel Huffman

    *Rachel Sobel

    Rachel Wheeler

    Ronilyn Osborne

    Samantha Dowless

    Samantha Smith

    Sarah Wolfe

    Stephanie Reiss

    Tara Tripp

    Tracy DiTucci

    Whitney Gimbert


    (* First Year Nominees)




    Special Thanks To:

    *Keynote Speaker: Mindy Sopher 

    *Judges: Mindy Sopher, Academic Advisor for OASIS;

    Jennifer Castillo Foster, the Women's Center;

    Jennifer Lee, Academic Advisor for Biology;

    Tierza Watts, CSLEPS

    *OWA Coordinator: Kenna Holtzclaw, Executive VP of Panhellenic



    Last, but not least, THANK YOU to all Winners and Nominees for making a difference in our community!